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An interview with Jim Lepage came across my blog feed yesterday.  He is a graphic designer and a Christian who read through the Bible and drew graphic representations of each book (and more than one of some).  I clicked on his website and was utterly fascinated by his work.  I think he is really talented, and it was cool to see his perspective on the different books.  He clarifies in the interview that his intent was not simply to “sum up” each book with one image, but to capture the thing that jumped out at him the most, even if it was just a small verse.  As I looked at the pictures, I kept thinking, “Ooooh, I should give _________ this one!”  And then I thought, “How on earth am I supposed to give them an internet image?”  It occurred to me to use my blog, since most of the people who popped into my head were recent commenters.  So I decided to “give” (read:  show) one of these images to each of the people who commented on the last three blogs (in no particular order):

To Courtney, I give James, in honor of our Beth Moore study:

Word: James

To Larry, I know I should probably give 2 Timothy, but instead I’ll give I Peter, as a nod to our most recent discussion:

Word: 1 Peter

To Ann, I give I Corinthians…because it just reminded me of you:

Word: 1 Corinthians

To Becky, I give Ephesians:

Word: Ephesians

To Tim, I give Isaiah, in light of our shared love for the forties, fifties, and sixties:

Word: Isaiah 2

To Mr. Gardner, I give Romans, because it reminded me of your comment on the Karl Barth post:

Word: Romans

To Aimee, I would have given Psalms, because of our mutual love for Psalms 1.  But he really went a different route with Psalms.  In its place, I’ll give you this Hosanna one because I like it, and it reminds me of the praises from the psalms:

Word: Crucifixion (Hosanna)

I think that’s everyone who commented.  If I left anyone out, let me know, and I’ll “give” you one, too:).

I highly recommend looking at all his representations because a lot of them are pretty incredible.  I will warn you that there are a few that are risque and perhaps offensive.  Like Lepage said in his interview, he values “honesty over propriety.”  So…consider that fair warning.

If you do look at his pictures, I’d be interested in hearing which one is your favorite!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Very cool!

    BTW, I am thinking I may try to do Psalms along with the Daily Bible reading. They’re short (so I can read them along with whatever else I end up reading), and they pretty much stand alone for each day, so if I miss some it shouldn’t matter. I read Psalm 1 so I could understand the tree reference, and I thought it was pretty cool.


  2. Posted by Court on January 7, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    I love “mine”! I am on my phone right now but am totally going to go check his website out.. Will report back ASAP 🙂


  3. very cool! i think my gift was perfect! i also liked 2 john. i think larry would also like 2 timothy, he loves that verse (wonder why?? :o).


    • Ann, it was between 1 Corinthians and 2 John for you, and I chose 1 Corinthians because of the simplicity. I liked the clean lines and the “basic” nature of the message. Both of those things remind me of you, because of your desire for simplicity in your life and the way you often boil down the Bible’s message to “Love God, love others.” Good stuff.


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