I Never Picture the End of February

I picture spring.  And Easter.  Warm weather and flowers.  And pretty skirts.

I picture summer.  And the pool.  The lake.  The beach.  The heat.  The long days, and the freedom.

I picture fall.  School starting.  Cooler weather.  Colorful leaves.  Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I picture winter.  Christmas, and all that comes with it.  New Year’s Resolutions.  Valentine’s Day.

And after Valentine’s Day, my mental pictures end until spring.

I don’t picture the end of February.

That means I am currently living in un-pictured days.

Days with no expectations, no anticipation, no mental images of what they will be like.

That means I didn’t picture the blessed warmer weather this year.

I didn’t picture the tiny, hopeful blossoms blooming in their best, most optimistic pink, on daring trees on campus.

I didn’t picture the large elephant sauntering past me, in all his rough, saggy glory, at the zoo the other day.

I didn’t picture sitting out on the glider in the warm sunshine, chatting with a dear friend from home about what God has been showing us during Lent.

I didn’t picture enjoying a fabulous story time at the downtown library with my favorite little girl in the world.

There have been so many unanticipated blessings, unforeseen gifts, un-looked for moments of happiness.

And they are nothing like I pictured.

Because I didn’t picture them at all.

Do you have any un-pictured blessings to share?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Here’s my un-pictured blessing, Kim: I didn’t picture coming to your site today and reading a post that has misted my eyes and made my breath catch in my throat.



  2. Aw–thanks, Tim!


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