Top 3 on Tuesday: Momastery

I discovered Momastery at the beginning of this year, when her post, “Don’t Carpe Diem,” went viral.  Overnight, the blog’s readership exploded, and the author, Glennon Melton, has subsequently been swamped with book deals, reality television pitches, advertising offers, and the sixth biggest blog readership in the country.  I can see why.  Even though Glennon’s religious beliefs are extremely unique, she is also hilarious, insightful, spiritual, and almost painfully authentic.  I like reading her posts for all of those reasons, even though our beliefs do not always overlap.  Glennon named the blog “Momastery” because, in her words,  “Motherhood is like a monastery … it’s a sacred place, apart from the world, where a seeker can figure out what matters and catch glimpses of God.”  She even has a name for the participants in her Momastery community:  Monkees.  I wouldn’t call myself a monkee, in that I have never commented on her blog, much less participated in her Monkee projects (you can read more about those in that last link).  However, thus far, I have enjoyed reading each new post that she had added.  When her blog went viral, she started running a “Best of Momastery” series, so even though I’ve only been reading for a couple months, I feel like I have a good grasp of the highlights.

One of the reasons I like this blog the most is because Glennon gives the reader an amazing window into the thought processes of an addict and a mentally-ill person.  Until about eight years ago (it corresponds with the birth of her son), she struggled with eating disorders, alcoholism, and drug addiction–even though she came from a great, supportive family.  Those people are often the most mysterious to me, and in her posts that talk about her past, I gain a lot of insight into her mindset during that times.  There are many such posts, and I highlighted one below (#2).

Here are my Top 3:

1.  Telling Secrets

“But then the Tess thing happened. And I thought, maybe I could do THAT. Maybe my public service could just be to tell people the truth about my insides. Because it seemed to make people feel better, for whatever reason. It struck me that for this particular “ministry,” my criminal record was a PLUS. It gave me street cred. And I considered that maybe the gifts God gave me were storytelling and shamelessness. Because you guys, I’m shameless. I’m almost ashamed at how little shame I have. Almost, but not really, at all. So I decided that’s what God wanted me to do. He wanted me to walk around telling people the truth. No mask, no hiding, no pretending. That was going to be my thing. I was going to make people feel better about their insides by showing them mine. By being my real self. But I was keeping my trendy jeans. I decided they were part of my real self.”

2.  Fifteen

“There are some who can sit through a movie that makes them uncomfortable. And there are some who can’t. Or won’t. Those people actually have to get up and leave the room.
We addicts, we mentally ill are the Leavers.
We just can’t stand the movie that is showing for some reason. And we are unable to fake it or tolerate it. We have to get up and walk out.
We don’t leave to hurt you. We leave because we believe that it is right to leave. And just as you wonder how we could possibly leave, we wonder how on Earth you can stay.
But please don’t blame yourself. Often, we were just watching the movie together. You didn’t make the movie. The movie is the whole world.”

3.  Lowering the Bar

“Plus, I feel like such a responsible grown up at the kids’ dentist. What kind of mom remembers to bring all three of her kids to the dentist? An amazing one, that’s what kind.And so I walk around that office feeling very fancy and efficient. I always wear a cardigan to the kids’ dental appointments. I only own one cardigan, because I’m not really the cardigan type. But on dentist day I sure am. Nothing says responsible and OBVIOUSLY I’VE NEVER SPENT TIME IN JAIL DON’T BE RIDICULOUS  like a cardigan does.”

That last one is an example of one of her funny ones.  The excerpt is not: really the funny part, but it sets the tone well.

So…what have you guys been reading this week?

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