Crazy Night (or “Be Careful What You Write on the Internet”)

Wow, so last night I was reminded why I’m doing all this lighting and loving, and also why it is so important to build a home of peace and calm.  For one thing, you have to have peace and calm to anchor you when the crazy comes out!

Last night was a night of the crazy.  After a 12+ hour day, Greg came home to tell me that one of “our” kids–let’s call him Kid 1–got drilled in the throat with a ball going over fifty miles an hour while at baseball practice.  He tried to walk off the field, and then collapsed, vomiting blood.  Shortly afterward, he complained of difficulty breathing.  Obviously, the next step was to take Kid 1 to the hospital.  Thankfully, he is now just fine, but Greg had been talking to his mom over the phone, while on the way back from a community cookout, and was still a little shocked by it all.

We processed the events of the day together, and then I went to bed around 10:30.  A few minutes later, Greg came in and told me that another kid–let’s call him Kid 2–just called, and that he was home alone and (rightly) scared because of some stuff going on with his family.  Since there was a good chance that he was in danger, Greg said he would go pick him up and let him spend the night with us.  After Greg left, I got out of bed, moved both my kids to my bed, and changed Luke’s sheets for Kid 2.  To round out the night of musical beds, Greg would sleep in Anna’s room, since we can sleep 2 kids, one adult in our bed, but not 2 adults, one kid.  (And certainly not 2 adults, 2 kids!).

While Greg was on the way home with Kid 2, he saw on Facebook that Kid 3, a toddler, was taken to the hospital after falling out of a moving car.  He texted the mom, a friend of ours, and it seemed like the kid was alright, but I was freaked out anyway. After I got Kid 2 settled in for the night, I laid in bed texting the mom of Kid 3 to get updates until he was out of the hospital.  It was after midnight before I went to bed…and I am not a night owl!

But there was no time to sleep in this morning, because I needed to take care of Kid 2…and then prepare for Kids 4-8 to come over to play!  They had asked if they could come over last night at the cookout, and I didn’t see why not.  They will be here in about fifteen minutes.

Good grief–it seems as if God was like, “Are you really serious about that stuff you just wrote?  If so, then it’s time to make good on it!”

Lesson learned:  Be careful what you write on the internet:).

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Tim on May 31, 2012 at 10:29 am

    Oh Kim, I couldn’t help laughing and wincing all at the same time as I read through this. You and Greg are awesome. Does it help if I tell you we’ve had nights like that too?


  2. Posted by bekster081305 on June 1, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    Ugh, I know how that goes. I guess that’s why it’s “peace that passes understanding,” right? 🙂 We have to have the negative for the positive to have any meaning. Still, no one likes the negative at the time. 😦


  3. been there done that. not always easy, but thankful for The Spirit which guides us and holds us! glad you were there for those kids.


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