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Summer Reading 2012

Already, this summer has posed a conundrum for my blog:  as much as I love this space and as much as I love writing, I am finding that summer does not provide me with the time to think “full-blog-post-thoughts.”  I know that’s crazy, since a blog post is not exactly the paragon of complex thinking…and yet, I can’t seem to muster more than half a blog post worth of thought at a time.  Our family has been traveling, we are totally out of our routine, and we are currently in the middle of a three week marathon of camps!  Thus, the blog has been sadly neglected.

Also, I am feeling a strong need to unplug from the internet a bit.  Nothing like a full-on fast or anything, but I just want to try and limit my online activity much more than I do during my full blogging schedule.  Part of this urge to unplug stems from the growing guilt I am feeling over my unread book collection.  I have several books, for which I have actually paid money, that are currently languishing in my reading basket.  I really believe in reading the books I buy, and as a result, my current state of cognitive dissonance is reaching the breaking point.


My current plan for this summer is to unplug, read my books, and use this space to process them as I read.  I will share quotes and thoughts I have about the ideas in the books, and I would love to hear your thoughts, as well.

I hope that doesn’t sound too horrible for you, dear Reader.  I know that in my mind, nothing sounds quite so boring as discussing an idea from a book that I am not reading.

However, the content of these books is very much in line with the content of this site, and I will try to pick out interesting ideas that would appeal to anyone, whether they read the book or not.  In a way, you could consider these entries a Cliff Notes version of the books, so that you don’t actually have to read them yourself (oooh, and along those lines, would someone please do something similar for Augustine’s City of God??  Because I really want to “have read” that book!).

Okay, I think that’s all.  Why don’t we try to start this little project…um…



What’s on YOUR summer reading list?


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